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Swedspot Connect is an open platform for creating a whole architecture of apps and partner services.


Join our team

We are expanding and are now hiring skilled software engineers.


Welcome to tomorrow

Swedspot Connect is a white label product that seamlessly connects the information of the car with the owners lifestyle.


Setting new standards for drivers enviroment

Endless possibilities with fully digital instrument clusters and dynamic infotainment interfaces.


Puts intelligence on the road

With focus on connected cars and fully digital driver environment we aim for total seamlessness between people and vehicle.

We believe in Total

With focus on connected vehicles and fully digital driver environments, we aim for total seamlessness between people and their cars. Today, everything is connected and we’re constantly keeping track of the things in our lives. So why not our car? With Swedspot Connect, even the older cars can join the game and when your car is integrated with your life, you can make informed decisions in time, based on your car’s health status. Services from workshops, insurance and assistance companies and gas stations can simplify your everyday life and make your car ownership be more comfortable than ever. With fully digital instrument clusters, we can create environments that present information close to your everyday life, side by side with the usual data.



A system that allows almost every car
with an OBD socket to get connected.




Fully digital instrument cluster
and infotainment user interfaces.



At this very moment, we’re engaging in an exciting project that’s all about developing our product, Swedspot Connect. Thanks to this, we need to hire 20 talented people to develop the product and build services for our partners. We have many interesting projects ahead and we’re always on the lookout for skilled developers to join our team.