Swedspot connect for fleets

Geographical information, driving efficency and
behaviour, fuel economy, service data and more

Swedspot Connect gives fleet owners access to a whole new level of strategic car ownership. Through a clear overview of the company’s connected cars and their health status you get new opportunities to optimize the company’s expenses.

By connecting the Swedspot Connect device into the OBD socket of the company cars you can foresee upcoming service needs, employee’s driving habits, geographic location and much more. You also get a flexible and easy-to-use automatic driver’s log that requires minimal manual handling both the administration and the employees. Additionally, your workshop can connect to your company cars, which means that they can monitor the health status and predict your automobile needs, enabling them to plan their business and providing you with fast and efficient service.


Swedspot Connect is constantly connected and track all journeys with start and stop point. With an automatic driver’s log, you reduce the administration involved in logs, both for employees and the finance department. You can track vehicle positions in real time and, of course, read statistics for each trip, such as mileage, travel time, fuel consumption etc. The employees can easily keep track of their trips, provide reports, mileage and, not least, distinguish between business and private trips.


Swedspot Connect gives you information on how the car is being handled and with a complete overview of the company cars, you can easily see how, when and where they run. You get information about acceleration, braking, fuel comsumption, emission etc, as well as tips on how you can improve your driving to become as eco-friendly as possible. Challenge your drivers to drive as smart as they can to reduce comsumption and wear.You can also see when the car i being used and where it’s located. This way you can for example get a notice when a car arrives a target.


With Swedspot Connect you get a good overview of the company’s car and their helth status, wheter it’s a low battery notice or more serious problems. You can moitor the car’s needs remotely, both service and maintenance needs as well as acute problems. Optimize the company’s expenses, and time, with proactive planning of service, maintenance, repair and inspection. Through proactive planning of workshop visits and services you can reduce unnecessary stops in the business. Connect the cars to the workshop so they can monitor the car’s status and anticipate its needs. With this, the workshop can synchronize its business with your needs.


With eco-driving, you decrease both fuel consumption, emissions and wear. Optimize your driver’s driving habits to reduce the impact on both environment and your wallet. Keep track of service needs and get full service documentation, which contributes to a healthy car with improved resale value. Watch the mileage of the cars to replace them on time, within the mile limit of the leasing deal or before the resale value goes too far south. Indications anbling you to take preventive decisions about repairs and maintenance. This avoids the risk of serious issues that can can mean long workshop visits and large expenses.


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