Connected Cars & Assets


We are here to deliver your future services

We Drive Technology

We take pride in being ahead of the game. Therefore we put in a lot of effort, not only to keep up, but to innovate new software that never has been seen before.

Agile Development Process

We develop all our software with our clients in mind. Therefore we use agile methodologies where the client easily can follow the progress and prioritise accordingly.

The Ezentric Platform

To build the best IoT solutions on the market we have developed our own platform where new functionality easily can be added. Read more on www.ezentric.com


Are you in need to connect your hardware to Internet. We have teams working continuously with connecting new Hardware and developing new User Interfaces with the latest technology. We leverage our platform Ezentric to quickly bring what you need. We have previously developed service prediction algorithms for the car industry, Software Download and OTA for Aftermarket companies, and much more.


Some of our core resources and capabilities

Software Download

Are you in need of updating hardware remote locations. We have built the foundation in our Front- and Backend system. It’s just a matter of integration.

Business Developers

To develop new software that stretches the limits all projects need a vision and a clear structure of how to create value. We have multiple leaders in Swedspot that can help you driving your business forward with technology.

Security Architecture

We encrypt all calls within and outside of our platform. We do this because your data is important and we believe in privacy and the value of keeping all data private.

User Interfaces

We have multiple User Interfaces connected to our backend. If you are need of a web based portal, an mobile app or anything else we are able to set up and develop a new interface fast due to our experience.

Software Developers

We have a mix of senior and junior developers eager to create what’s next.

Data Ownership

Data become more and more important. For some companies it is their most important asset. Therefore we take pride in saying that all data that you generate on our platform is yours, and you can do whatever you want with it.

Hardware Agnostic

We support multiple Hardwares and truly believe in the value of being a pure software company. If you are a HW company or need to find a HW that does the job we have all the possibilities to integrate and help you find the right solution.

Automotive Knowledge

Swedspot has a long history from the automotive industry and have much knowledge about standards and responsibilities.

Want to know more?

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