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We’re looking for talented people to join our amazing team! We believe in a creative work environment and we’re open to new initiatives. If you want to be part of a vibrant team of excellent engineers, join us today.

Our present vacancies are shown below, but if you’re intrerested and can’t find your match, pick up your phone and call or use the application link. Our offices in Trollhättan and Gothenburg are waiting for you.

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Machine learning is absolutely fundamental to bringing humans and technology closer than ever before. You’ll be a part of a talented development team that works according to Scrum. Your role includes great responsibility and you’ll participate and influence all the way from concept to implementation.

You’ll get a solid introduction and be surrounded by competent employees that are guaranteed to share your passion for programming and problem solving.

Your primary mission is to put machine learning algorithms into practice, while growing your own expertise in machine learning.

You have strong coding skills, and can work in languages ranging from Python to C++ or Java, in a team development environment.

2+ years experience machine learning

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Embedded software bring the hardware and software together and is a critical component in all computer systems. We help our customers with everything from software that’s manipulating microcontroller registers to integrating graphical frameworks in Linux and developing infotainment systems and hypervisor solutions.

We are looking for experienced embedded developers that love to work with everything related to hardware. If you have experience from the automotive industry it’s even better.

You’ll join a team with passionate developers with a broad background that love technology and software. We’re deep into CI/CD and test driven development to deliver excellent software. Our offices are located in Trollhättan and Göteborg and we are looking for developers at both offices.

3+ years experience in embedded software development

Automotive software development

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