Swedspot Connect keeps super track of your car

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With Swedspot Connect new and old cars can be connected and give the driver a more fun and better driving experience, greater security and full control of the vehicle’s status.

Swedspot Connect is already launched on the world market. Customers, particularly in businesses that handle many vehicles, are very positive.

cartalk_largeSwedspot Connect is in the forefront of the industry and now opens up a range of new services for both businesses and consumers. Now the driver does not have to worry about when the battery needs to be replaced, the brakes are worn out or a variety of other possible maintenance issues. However, the product offers many more possibilities. For fleet owners there are functions for positioning, fuel-efficient driving and automatic driving log.

– Swedspot Connect is an innovative system of services that facilitates and streamlines the driver’s daily lives, says Niclas Lindmark, CEO of Swedspot.

– We are particularly proud of that Swedspot Connect is a so-called white label product. This means that it is easy for repair shops, fleet owners, telecom operators and insurers to build customized online solutions for its customers – under their own brand.

Swedspot Connect is easy to install and connects to your car’s OBD-II connector. Besides a large number of services, the solution provides the opportunity to run WiFi hotspot in the car. The information is given to the driver via an app that is downloaded to your device. The interface is simple and neat, with functionality in mind. Moreover, it is easy to add new services thanks to the system’s open interfaces. It makes the system future-proof and it can grow with the business.

Swedspot Connect is developed over the past two years, by the Swedish company Swedspot which is based in Trollhättan and Gothenburg – right in the Swedish automotive industry’s heart. The focus on smart connected vehicles, combined with extensive experience from the automotive industry has proved successful. Today the company has over 30 employees.


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Niclas Lindmark, CEO Swedspot

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