With the endless number of personalized services provided by our partners, your car ownership has never been more comfortable.

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The detailed information given to you by your car, allows you to make informed decisions in time.


The possibility to customize the product and services entirely, gives you the ability to sell it your own.

Seamlessly integrated
with your life

You may not know it, but your car is constantly talking to you. It’s giving you detailed information about your car’s health, emergency needs and your driving habits. Swedspot Connect lets you take part of that information and allows you to take the right decisions at the right time. That’s an economic and sustainable car ownership.

What’s in it for me?

A new level
of car ownership

By plugging in the device into the OBD socket of your car, you can get to know the car on a deeper level, which enables you to keep better track of your car’s health and needs, letting you take preventive measures and avoiding unpleasant surprises*. By maintaining the car’s good health, the resale value and comfort of your car ownership improves.

* Swedspot Connect works with almost any car manufactured after 2001. The readable data can vary depending on year and models.


Become a smarter car owner with total insight of your car’s daily health, service and maintenance needs. Identify and optimize your driving habits for less wear, more economical car ownership and less environmental footprint.

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• Keep track of your car’s health status. Avoid unpleasant surprises.
• Clear overview of the service intervals. Service in time to preserve your car’s health.
• Documentation and service history for a better resale value.
• Ecodriving for less impact on the environment and the wallet.
• Map your driving habits for less fuel consumption and wear.


Make proactive decisions before catastrophe strikes and get notes before the car breaks down. The car can also talk to the workshop which can discover errors before you as a driver can.

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• Connected workshop. They can make a remote diagnostic trouble code reading without you having to get to the workshop.
• Clear error codes in time. Don’t drive too long with the risk of extensive damage.
• Easier to keep track of of service. When is it time? What should be done?
• Battery status. Avoid unpleasant surprises.
• Notices of easier maintenance, eg. washer fluid, broken lights and tire pressure.
• Manage your car remotely by closing open windows or controlling the heater.


Get assistance if your car brakes down on your trip. Get phone calls in case of accident. Optimize your insurance fees by showing driving habits, driving style, milage and geographic location.

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• Assistance if your car breaks down.
• Phone call in case of accident. Emergency rescue is requested if you don’t answer.
• Performance based car insurance. Drive safely and pay less.
• Ensure your car’s position, eg. your car gets stolen.


Let your car get seamlessly integrated with your life. Not only do you have all the information your car’s emitting right in your phone, you can also connect and syncronize it with features in your home, such as turning the lights off and lowering the heat when your car leaves the driveway.

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Become a part of a network of connected vehicles that scan their surroundings and provide other drivers with information about road conditions, traffic jams and more. Your car senses its surroundings through advanced sensors, and it’s not alone. Imagine hundreds of thousands of connected cars that senses temperature and road conditions on the specific route you’re about to take, making it easy for you to make the right decisions in time.

Lock features of your phone while the car is moving. Don’t text and drive.

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