Swedspot Connect for Workshops

Monitoring and history of service need, DTC,
battery, customer control and more

Take your workshop to the next level.

With Swedspot Connect, you can offer a whole new level of customer service. Get a clear overview of all of your customers’ cars and their health status. Help your customer to a convenient and trouble-free car ownership through the possibilities provided by a connected car; personalized customer contact, remote diagnostics and proactive actions.

The customer connects the Swedspot Connect-device into the OBD-socket of their car and you, as a workshop, get the ability to monitor service needs, errors and emergency needs etc. You can diagnose the car without having it in your shop and you can prevent unpleasant surprises for your customer by detecting errors in time and notifying them the appropriate actions. Swedspot Connect allows you to offer a higher level of service to your customers by providing a more comfortable and safer car ownership with increased loyalty as a result.


With Swedspot Connect, you get an overall view of all of your customers’ cars and their health status. You can see everything from notices of low battery and broken lamps to more extensive issues. Discover errors, diagnose remotely and suggest proactive measures to avoid serious complications. Notify the customer when approaching service, with suggestions on time and what the service includes. You can troubleshoot and diagnose remotely, saving time both for you and your customer.


By being able to see the health status of your customers’ connected cars, you can propose measures to your customers before they may have discovered the need themselves. You reach out to your customers when they have a need instead of waiting for them to make the decision of contacting you. With the overview of your customers’ cars, you can plan your business in a more effective way and you’ll be better able to retain customers with cars out of warranty by offering them continued security.


With the workshop’s extra eyes it will be easier for the customer to serve, maintain and repair in time. The measure in question will be taken in time and reduces the risk of excessive wear or serious complications. The customer feels comfortable with the car’s condition and the resale value is maintained while getting a more trouble-free car ownership. The security and convenience they experience help increase loyalty. Swedspot Connect opens up new possibilities to care for your customers and their cars.


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